Secret Mum blog – Ready Steady Wiggle

I was never going to be one of those Mums who doesn’t let their children watch tv. My husband and I have worked in the TV business ourselves for years, and while we don’t really have it on that much during the day, every now and again it’s a godsend for a Mum with a tired cranky toddler.

And lately I’ve found the programme that’s guaranteed to give me at least three minutes peace is the Wiggles.

I used to like going to rock and indie concerts, now I listen to the Wiggles.

And I have to outline my allegiance, I prefer the new generation Wiggles. To be fair, I’m not overly familiar with the back catalogue of Wiggles music, having only just become a fan now, but my favourite Wiggle is definitely Emma, with her cool red hair and big smile.

Apparently she’s married one of the other Wiggles. And there’s wild speculation they might be pregnant. I pass the time while my little girl is dancing away googling what the people behind the Wiggles do in real life, and wishing I had Emma’s complexion.wiggles

(photo credit the Daily Telegraph)

I wonder about what they’re like backstage, dripping with sweat after another gruelling concert. I wonder if they are divas with rider demands in their contracts (I kind of hope they are, I would be disappointed if they are genuinely that nice and smiley all the time). I wonder if they’re like the characters at Disneyland who reportedly have to stay in character the whole time, in case a child’s dreams are shattered if he sees Mickey Mouse smoking.

I wonder how much the Wiggles make – those original Wiggles must be loaded now. How do they keep the momentum up – living the rock n roll lifestyle, on the road performing year after year? I hope every now and again one of them loses it and throws a tv out a hotel room window.

I smile sweetly at the cute kids who have been caught on camera for all time dancing their hearts out at the concerts. And the mothers and other people who are also singing and dancing along happily – I hope they don’t feel embarrassed about how much they enjoyed themselves later – that’s one of the coolest things about kids is that they don’t feel any adult shame.

I wonder if we are going to have to fork out hundreds of dollars to go and see them in concert one day too.

But so far the best part about the Wiggles is that after five minutes, my daughter is bored, so we go and play with something else.


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