Secret Mum mogul: How I was going to make millions on Amazon … and then was too tired

So I had it all sorted.

I was sick of trying to juggle being a working, coporate Mum/wife/house cleaner/dog walker etc. I was going to make millions by selling baby products on Amazon. I had visions of running my multi-million dollar project during my baby’s nap-times. My business would be just enough to keep my mind stimulated, while seamlessly providing enough income to allow me to keep up a solid online clothes shopping habit/once a year tropical holiday for my family. And it would mean I could give up corporate life and stay at home full time.

It all seemed so easy. In fact people have built their own careers outlining just how easy it is.

First up, I had to choose my product. As it seemed that all I was lived and breathed was babies, baby products was where I wanted to be. Problem is, thousands before me had the same idea. I would switch wildly between ideas. One day I wanted to be an eco-warrior Jessica Alba-type mumma businesswoman who was also saving the environment (re-useable nappies anyone?) Then I realised I didn’t want to sell anything I didn’t actually use myself. (While I love the idea of not using disposable nappies, did I really want to spend all my spare time washing poo out of re-useable ones?)

It seemed that every great idea had already been thought of. But I stumbled ahead and tried to develop my own line of re-useable bamboo nursing pads. Never before had I been so interested in nursing pads. I designed a package and started negotiating with suppliers in China.

Then I got tired.

People have amazing success selling on Amazon, and more power to them. I think the ones who do well are the ones who push through all the road-blocks, whatever comes their way. Suppliers in China trying to charge you too much – just negotiate again. Negotiate with freight forwarders. Negotiate trying to get your listing up on Amazon. Then try and get your ranking up….

I even tried to rename this blog and my facebook page with the American spelling of Mom so I would appeal to more buyers. But I had lost sight of why I was keen to start this blog up in the first place.

I wanted a creative outlet, but most of all, I wanted to share things I had learnt about how to survive as a Mum, and I wanted to hear about how other people did it.

So I’ve changed the name back, am focusing more on local life, am now hiding from Chinese nursing pad suppliers trying to get me to place orders, and trying to speak again in my own voice.




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