Secret Mum list: deciphering the mommy forum jargon

If you’re anything like me your google search history tells it all. “When will my baby sleep through the night” appears in my mine more times than I will admit, along with other frantic searches (mostly in the dead of night) on how to self settle, how much they should eat/drink, teething, you name it.

In my half dead-tired state one thing confused me. Who is LO, or the DD these mummy forums keep talking about? How does everyone know what they mean? Who is DS, do I have one of those? Why don’t I know this?

Turns out it’s a secret language – yip another thing to learn. I don’t know why they use it, but it’s darn confusing if you can’t keep up.

So here’s a list of the jargon to help your shameful middle of the night searching go easier (we’ll never quite admit to it right? Especially not at the doctors…)

LO – Little one

DD – darling (or dear) daughter

DS – darling (or dear) son

DH – darling (or dear) husband

ODS – older dear son

YDS – younger dear son

FTM – first time mom

STM – second time mum

SAHM – stay at home mum

STTN – sleep through the night (Yuuuus that’s a good one)

MS – morning sickness

SO – significant other






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