Secret Mum review – PlayHOUSE Toddler & Baby Sensory Experience

As a new mum, clubbing (or even going out after 7pm) feels as foreign as another language. Something I’m aware of that other people do, who probably don’t have children, that I used to think was fun, in another life.



But when I saw a Facebook post for this event I was determined to go. It was held at Leicester Hall in Ellerslie, and like any hot club there’s a list you can get on to bypass the line (by paying for your ticket early online). Being way too unorganised for that, I queued  with the other plebs, bristling with excitement of the unknown.

At just $8, I thought it was great value, and you can order coffee too which they outsource and bring in.

Inside lasers and house beats pounded out, while delighted kids (and parents reliving their own misspent youth) ran amok.

I have to say I think I enjoyed it way more than my daughter who at that stage was just one six months. Giggling I placed her in a paddling ball full of little plastic balls and whipped out my phone to document her first rave. All I got were terrified glances among tears and full on wails. It was a similar response at the foam pit.

We had more luck chilling out in the centre of the room, playing with glowsticks, and there was an almost smile from the tiny clubber when someone went past with a bubble machine.

After a fast and furious hour we were both exhausted, and left with ears ringing.

I think she was a bit overwhelmed, but it was a lot of fun. I would definitely go back, and I think it’s even more fun as the kids get older.

Held every first Thursday of the month – more details here


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