Secret Mums review – Family Room at Sylvia Park mall

The first time I stepped into one of the family rooms at Sylvia Park I nearly cried with relief.

As a new mum I needed to get out of the house, but as one also trying to master (what felt like at that stage) the dark arts of breastfeeding, and not keen or confident enough to do it in public, I also felt like I was on house arrest, released sporadically in one to two hour blocks.

My first trips to the mall were hurried – an hour or two before my baby lost it – then tired, stressed and hungry we would then dash home. So when I discovered the family room at Sylvia Park it was a huge relief. I had no idea these rooms existed – but I’ve since found them at most malls. But Sylvia Park is still my favourite.

The calming music, sympathetic glances from other Mums (and Dads – the cool thing about this room is it states on the door – Dads welcome), it is like an oasis in the dessert.

It is big, clean, and calming. It has seperate cubicles where you can breastfeed in private, separated off by a curtain. It has a couple of nappy changing stations, and a playpen area for older kids too.

The one I prefer is down the end by Baby City, but there are a few rooms at Sylvia Park. It meant I could feed my baby and I wouldn’t have to dash home worrying she was starving. It even bought me more time at the mall – we all know it takes long enough to get out of the house and there in the first place!

And while it’s not hidden, I found it took me a while as a new mum to find out about these rooms – so which ones have you used and would you recommend?



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