Secret Mum review – Cornwall Park Cafe

Sometimes you just gotta get out of the house right?

And I have to say, on a sunny day, there’s no better place to be than on a picnic mat with your bub, a couple of mum friends and their little ones, a hot drink and a little something something from the cabinet at Cornwall Park Cafe.


It can get busy, but that’s part of the fun. There’s a huge grassy area, so there’s always a place to lay your blanket, plenty of trees to take shade under, and lots of action to watch.

The great thing about it is it’s fun for all ages. As your bubs get older they can race around on scooters or bikes, play with balls or with other kids. Inside the cafe there are a couple of Mocka highchairs you are welcome to use, and they put out a small selection of toys outside for kids to play with.

The food and service at Cornwall Park Cafe is always good, no matter how busy they get. I particularly remember devouring their chubby fries while newly pregnant – I found it a great way to starve off morning sickness, for at least a few minutes.

When my baby developed an egg allergy I was briefly told to avoid eggs myself, and I found Cornwall Park had a good selection of egg-free food (and sweets, my weakness…. ok one of my many weaknesses).

Which cafes have you found kid friendly and fun?



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