Secret Mum review – born2move Mums and Bubs boot camp

I never thought I’d become a Boot Camp convert.

But Baz from born2move has converted me.


Three or four times a week we head off to Pt Chev to work out with other mums and their kids in Walker Park, and it’s a lot of fun.

Some days Baz doesn’t get much of a word in. We’re too busy talking, but we work out as well. Boxing, interval training, walking – the good thing is that there’s no pressure to be a superstar, you work as hard as you want, and everyone is sympathetic if you’ve had a rubbish night’s sleep the night before, or if your baby is sick.

It’s not only good for us to work out, it feels great to be outside (we’ve only done it in summer so far..) and the babies love it too. They play on the mat while we grunt and squat alongside them, and if one starts to grizzle they are swept into Baz’s arms for some one on one attention.


Find out more about Baz’ boot camp here.

Do you have a mums and bubs exercise class you go to? Share and share alike!




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