Secret Mum list: Five things to do during The Big Sleep

From the minute my daughter wakes up in the morning we are working toward it.

A magical (if I’m lucky) one and a half hours (once, two hours) long spell of silence in the early afternoon where normality is restored.

The Big Sleep.

It is revered in our house, and talked of in hushed tones.

What I should be doing during it:

Housework. Lol. I should be hanging out washing/bringing it in, folding it, preparing nutritious meals for my baby – I get it. But it will all be there later.

Phone a friend. Being a new mum can be pretty isolating, so it’s important to stay in touch with friends. But sometimes I just want to wallow in the silence of The Big Sleep, and don’t feel up breaking that to talk to someone. I also like to talk to people when she is awake, loudly on speakerphone, while running damage control, because hey, why not do everything at once right?

What I end up doing:

Reading the Daily Mail website until I pass out, open mouthed and snoring before waking with a fright when my daughter stirs.

Watching Bravo … until I pass out, open mouthed and snoring before waking with a fright when my daughter stirs.

Binge watching a tv series: I seriously neglected my child (just kidding) last week while binge watching Big Little Lies on Neon – how good is that series? Luckily the weather was pretty average so I just curled up with my sister and watched the whole show in two days.

Reading a trashy magazine. I can usually manage about three pages before, you guessed it, I pass out, open mouthed….

Playing with my dog (ok napping). He gets severely neglected when the baby is awake, and all his toys are constantly being moved out of little arm’s reach, so I like to spend some quality time with my first born.



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